Once you purchase the weBoard, you will be able to make full use of the digital space inside the frame.
Let us display your achievements, want ads and NBA collections inside the beautiful weBoard frame.

The bigger frame will be enabled by clicking each smaller frame.

weBoard (RH-OLVEFYYBOQ06-08)

Frame: About weBoard frames

Sprout : 6000 JPY (tax separate) - for 183 days
Generally for school students and their parents/teachers. You can introduce your team or invite new members.
Rising Star : 12000 JPY (tax separate) - for 183 days
Generally for current professional and amateur players. You can introduce your basketball life.
Almost : 18000 JPY (tax separate) - for 183 days
For general weBoard users. You can find your basketball friends or introduce your NBA collection.
Champion : 30000 JPY/month (tax separate) - for 183 days
For users who like to master "Layupshot" and make/join the Champion community. Your post will appear Layupshot Home and you are also invited to our real museum.